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NTSB Safety Recommendations to the FAA with FAA Responses

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) uses the information it gathers during accident investigations and the determination of probable cause to make safety recommendations to all elements of the transportation industry. While the recipient of a recommendation does not have to implement the proposed action, it does have to formally respond to the recommendation and specify what action is or is not being taken and why. This database contains NTSB's recommendations to the FAA and the FAA's responses. It does not contain recommendations to other elements of the air transportation industry nor other modes of transportation. It is a historical record of correspondence between the NTSB and the FAA.

NTSB Safety Recommendations database includes recommendations that were written between 1963 and the present.

Using the Database
Things You Should Know
The NTSB Safety Recommendations are stored in a textual database. The recommendations are presented in a report format along with report number and the last date of update.

Types of Search
Textual search or search by recommendation number across the entire NTSB Safety Recommendations (to FAA) database.