Data Dictionary for NTSB Accident and Incident System

Column NameBusiness NameDefinition
EVENT_IDEVENT IDA unique code assigned by the NTSB.
ACFT_SEQAIRCRAFT SEQUENCEThe subscript or counter that differentiates the aircraft in a multiple aircraft event.
NTSB_RPRT_NBRNTSB REPORT NUMBERThe report number assigned by the NTSB.
ACFT_SERIAL_NBRAIRCRAFT SERIAL NUMBERThe manufacturer assigned serial number of the aircraft involved in the event.
ACFT_REGIST_NBRAIRCRAFT REGISTRATION NUMBERThe unique, official registration number for the airplane.

NOTE: For U.S. registered aircraft, the leading "N" is dropped in this database.

EV_TYPE_DESCEVENT TYPE DESCRIPTIONThe event classification (as defined by 49 CFR Part 830.2).
EVENT_LCL_DATEEVENT LOCAL DATEThe local date the event occurred.

NOTE: The NTSB database contains reports investigated from 1982 to present. There are some records included for events that occurred before 1982, but were investigated after 1982.

LOC_STATE_CODE_STDASIAS STANDARD LOCATION STATE CODEThe standardized code for the state, territory, or foreign location where the event occurred.
LOC_CITY_NAME_STDASIAS STANDARD LOCATION CITY NAMEThe standardized city name for the location of the event.
ARPT_NAME_STDASIAS STANDARD AIRPORT NAMEThe standardized airport name associated with the event location.

NOTE: The ASIAS standard airport name is taken directly from the FAA National Flight Data Center (NFDC) landing facilities directory.

FLTCNDCT_DESCFLIGHT CONDUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) under which the aircraft flight was conducted.

NOTE: If the regulation under which the flight was operating at the time of the event was different from the regulation.

OPRTR_SCHED_DESCOPERATOR SCHEDULE DESCRIPTIONIndicates whether the aircraft was engaged in scheduled or non-scheduled operations at the time of the event.

NOTE: To be "Scheduled", the operator must carry passengers/cargo on at least five round trips.

OPRTR_NSDC_NAME_STDASIAS STANDARD OPERATOR NAMEThe ASIAS standard for the name of the operator.
ACFT_NSDC_MAKE_STDASIAS STANDARD AIRCRAFT MAKE NAMEASIAS's standardized code for the make (aircraft manufacturer's name) of the aircraft involved in the event.
ACFT_NSDC_MODEL_STDASIAS STANDARD AIRCRAFT MODEL NAMEASIAS's standardized model number for the aircraft involved in the event.
ACFT_NSDC_SERIES_STDASIAS STANDARD AIRCRAFT SERIES NAMEASIAS's standardized series number for the aircraft involved in the event.
RPRT_NARR_PRELIM_TEXTREPORT NARRATIVE PRELIMINARY TEXTThe narrative text describing the major circumstances of the event.
RPRT_NARR_FINAL_TEXTREPORT NARRATIVE FINAL TEXTThe narrative text describing the major circumstances of the event.
RPRT_NARR_CAUSE_TEXTREPORT NARRATIVE CAUSE TEXTThe text describing the primary cause(s) for the event.

NOTE: This narrative is exclusive to Final Reports, as causal factors are not assigned in Preliminary Reports.

RPRT_NARR_FAA_TEXTREPORT NARRATIVE FAA TEXTThe narrative text provided by the FAA.
REPORT_STATUSREPORT STATUSIndicates the status of the NTSB report, i.e., whether the report is preliminary (Preliminary Report, Form 6120.19) or Factual or Final (Factual Report, Form 6120.4).
INJURY_DESCINJURY DESCRIPTIONIndicates the most critical injury (highest degree of injury) sustained, whether an occupant of the aircraft or not.